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Meet Chef Bryan,

 Welcome to my passion. I am a Red Seal chef and has cooked practically all my life. I have traveled and lived in many parts of the world while learning how people from other places eat and cook their dishes. I have no rules except if it taste good then do it. My influences didn't come from one cuisine but a contribution of all my experiences as a chef, as a traveler and from the people I have encountered along the way either by dining with them , cooking with them or cooking for them. I remember a time where sushi, Indian and Greek food etc... was very foreign in our area but now it is as common as a cheese burger. With this comes the challenge of making sure that our clients are not only getting fresh and high quality meals but also diverse and full of flavors you wouldn't normally see and taste anywhere else. A fusion of many styles and flavors blending together to create something epic. If you think this sound familiar that's because it is. This is pretty much Canada in a nutshell. This is what you will find in my cooking and in my restaurant. All people coming together bringing their best from where they are from and creating an awesome experience to feed the soul. Thank you for visiting our website and I hope you visit our restaurant soon and try one off or all our creations. I appreciate your business. NICE TO MEAT YOU! 


Chef Bryan Mendiola

OPEN MON-SAT 11am to 4pm. 


SANDWICH SHOP 778 294 6222

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